Sustainable Snacking

Every year, we throw away millions of plastic bags and spend hundreds of dollars on plastic snack baggies. Most of these bags are not reused or recycled. They stay in landfills for hundreds of years, and contain nasty chemicals that get in our soil and water and harm not only us, but other animals and marine life.

The funny thing is, we spend so much more money on plastic snack baggies that we usually use once and throw away. We pay for the convenience of being able to carry our snacks and lunches to work or school, but does this convenience truly outweigh the harm we are doing to our environment?

Several months ago, I decided to try out a couple of reusable cloth baggies to take my snacks to work in. I do not miss my plastic snack bags, and what’s even better is that people ask me what they are and where I got them!

Reusable snack bags are often made with 100% cotton on the outside, and an easily washable nylon lining on the inside. These can be hand-washed or thrown in your washer with your load of laundry and laid out to dry. Most baggies I’ve seen are closed with velcro, but some will have zippers instead.  Plus, they are usually made with cute fabric colors and designs!

The more you use your snack baggy, the more money you will actually save and the less plastic you will be throwing away. It’s also a great opportunity to teach others, especially children, about being less wasteful.

Here are some great places to buy reusable snack bags:

If you want to find more snack bags, just do an internet search on reusable snack bags and you’ll find tons!


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