Earth Day 2011: New Ideas

Today is Earth Day, and although it may be one that you normally skip over, I think it’s one of those “holidays” that can be a great opportunity to start something new in your life that will benefit your health and the environment. I’ve already made a personal commitment a while ago to start doing something new each month that will make my home, my food, and/or the environment more sustainable.

This month, I’ve been thinking about trash. My boyfriend already bought us biodegradable garbage bags (unlike regular plastic, to be biodegradable, they must break down within 10 years– which is a long time, but better than plastic, which stays in a landfill forever), but I want to also think about what we are throwing away. I live in Seattle, and we pay for our food & yard bin that gets emptied every week, but we haven’t been using it often enough. So, this month, and in celebration of Earth Day, I’m committed to finding a good counter-top compost bin so that we can start composting more often.

Here are some ways to get inspired on Earth Day and do something every month for your own home and family:

ADA’s 8 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Nourish Network’s Earth-Friendly Fare: 3 Ways to Eat Lower on the Food Chain

Earth Day Network’s Billion Acts of Green


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