Recipe of the Week – “Gothic Potatoes”

I like food that is easy to cook. I work full-time, my commute to and from work is about an hour each way on the bus, and I have to exercise right when I get home or I’ll start to convince myself out of it. Obviously, I don’t have the time to prepare food for hours.

I also like simple, easy to use ingredients that can be used in a variety of recipes. This is why I love roasted potatoes. They can take 30-45 minutes to cook, but the prep time is a breeze. All you need are four ingredients—olive oil, garlic, salt, and rosemary (dried or fresh). You can also add onions or shallots if you have them on hand. Pretty much any variety of potatoes can be roasted, but if you’ve never had purple potatoes, I definitely recommend them for this recipe. Purple potatoes have a creamy, rich, almost “nutty” flavor to them, and they are a perfect side dish to lean meats and cold leftover potatoes are delicious on salads. I can’t take credit for the name “Gothic Potatoes” though—when I made these for a friend, that’s what she decided they should be called.


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